LIFE FORCE CERTIFICATION is a standard set to identify the best products, services, devices, and protocols in the interest of human vitality, health, and performance. It’s now commonly understood that the Medical System, Governments, Media, and Global Pharmaceutical players are guilty at very least of gross criminal negligence as we’ve all witnessed throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. More accurately, these organizations conspired against the people to reduce and control the population.

In response to the terrorist organizations still masquerading as leaders throughout the world it is necessary for the people to do their own research, define their own standards, and stop looking for permission to thrive from fictional entities that only have power because we gave it to them in the first place. For this cause we’ve introduced the LIFE FORCE CERTIFICATION STANDARDS for a new Health Care Model, one that actually cares about your health.

The Global Health and Wellness Consortium was supposed to replace the World Health Organization as the sole ratified health organization. After releasing one Order in reference to the experimental COVID-19 Vaccines identifying them as Biological Waste and ordering them to be disposed of immediately according to the State or National Protocols the GHWC has done little to enforce, or follow up on this law. Sadly, this has created a vacuum in the Health Care niche as no leaders in the Medical industry have the authority, clout, backing, or credibility to overcome the deep state machine having already built up so much momentum.

That being said, Life Force was born out of necessity and we’re introducing these standards for certification to establish ethical guidelines and expectations for all companies we endorse and do business with now and in the future. Because Health Care is the most urgent, we’re introducing that first, but all products, inventions and processes will be considered, compared, and reviewed.




LIFE FORCE CERTIFIED products have  clinical evidence that demonstrateS that the Mechanism of Action by which a product operates within the body is in accordance with the natural physiology of how the body works.



LIFE FORCE CERTIFIED products demonstrate consistent standards in the quality of ingredients used in their products. These products must be harvested through ethical practices, and supply lines must be secured to ensure the products are not tampered with.  This is an essential component to maintain the quality of a product when being mass produced and supply chains are often disrupted by individuals and organizations with alternative interests.


LIFE FORCE CERTIFIED products are made by companies and individuals who conduct their business in an ethical manner always placing the interests of their customers as a top priority.

The way people are treated matters, and the intentions of the business owners, inventors, and all aspects that touch the product are key factors considered when official certification is awarded or rejected.


LIFE FORCE CERTIFIED products have to perform as specified, with clear instructions, and recorded results we can examine and confirm. In addition to the clinical evidence claimed and recorded by the manufacturer we conduct our own ongoing trials to test the efficacy of the product so we can provide accurate expectations to the buyer. In other words, if we say it works, it works and if we find otherwise because of any reason Certification will be withdrawn with an explanation to the consumer.