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Detox Will Never Be the Same!


Thousands of years ago a body detoxing system has been developed to a level of fine art.
Now new technologies are making it available to the whole world. 


How can you tell if your body is intoxicated? Your body has its own way to communicate but sometimes we do not know how to interpret the signs.

There is a whole list of external symptoms that will tell you about your internal condition, most of them manifestations that almost everyone experiences from time to time. What we’re looking for here is how often it happens. Per example frequently feeling fatigued, frequently getting constipated or experiencing indigestion, etc. It’s the frequency that matters.

If you’ve noticed any of the following occurring on a regular basis, you’re likely overdue for a detox. It may not be the cure for all ailments, but in many cases it will at least improve the situation, and is certainly the perfect starting point towards a solid and permanent healing.

1. Low Energy/Fatigued

With the meteoric rise of energy drinks and the steady popularity of caffeinated beverages you’d think there was a low energy epidemic in full swing.

Trying to make up for a lack of energy with stimulants like caffeine and taurine only worsen the problem in the long run. After the pick-me-up there is often an energy crash that leaves you feeling worse than when you started. Not only that, but these beverages usually act to burden the liver, further exacerbating the problem and sending you into a low-energy spiral.

If you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish, and pretty much stay that way throughout the day with varying degrees of lethargy, you should definitely consider doing a detox. A colon cleanse in conjunction with a detoxification program can help you lose body waste, feel lighter, and release store up toxins.

2. Constipated

Chronic constipation is a sign that something isn’t right in your digestive system. If you’ve tried increasing your fiber intake and adjusting your diet with limited results, it could be your body telling you that it needs a cleansing. Frequent Indigestion is also a common sign.

If you’ve accumulated years of waste in your bowels and colon, including impacted fecal matter and more, constipation could be just one symptom of a larger, more pressing problem.

A protocol involving intestinal cleansing in conjunction with a colon cleanse is advised. A dirty intestinal tract is most likely infected with bad bacteria, fungus, and parasites. Consider treating yourself with our program addressing precisely this common issue and head towards a new beginning. We’ll cleanse and rebuild with a healthy flora the whole length of your digestive system.

3. Brain Fog/Unable to Focus

So many energy drinks are nowadays on the market promising to improve your focus. Perhaps that’s because there’s a serious need for many to go on a detox program because of all the toxins we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

If you consistently find that you’ve been loosing your ability to focus and feel your mental getting foggy, your body could be screaming at you to detoxify it, your body may be crying for help. Don’t fall in the trap of the stimulating drink or prescription drugs, it will only get you more toxic and will lead to more serious problems.

By freeing yourself of toxins in the form of candida, heavy metals, and more, you’ll be surprised of how much better you’re able to focus, stay on task, and get things done.

A detox will help you to get rid of the toxins that are preventing your brain from firing on all cylinders. A candida cleanse alone can restore clarity, focus, and concentration by ridding your body of excessive and damaging candida fungus.

4. Feeling Depressed

The way you feel is largely dependent on your ability to feed your body with nourishing foods. Your mood can change with the right or wrong meal, and eating foods that are of a low quality or even toxic will lead you to a depressed state of mind over a periods of time.

The problem is that when you start to make changes to feel better and change your diet to include more life-giving foods, the toxins will block the nutrients from finding their way to your brain. Toxins have a way of nestling into the body and can remain there unless acted upon by another force. Simply by changing your diet you will not resolve the whole problem. You need to cleanse first so you will increase the ability of your body to absorb the healthy food you chose now to provide … And then you will get your mind back in the right place. A detox may not be the cure for clinical depression, but as far as helping to avoid depressing thoughts, a detox can work wonders. It frees your body of stored up toxins that can keep you in patterns of negative thinking, and can inspire a new outlook on life.

5. Overweight/Trouble Losing Weigh

If you’re not at your ideal weight even after several earnest attempts at weight loss, it could be that you were fighting an uphill battle to all of the toxins in your body and to internal inflammation.

Turning over simply by introducing the body to healthy foods will not work as you will not address the wastes in the body that is preventing the absorption of the vitamins and minerals these foods contain.

When you detox the body you are bringing things back to square one rather than starting at a disadvantage. It not only helps the body shed body waste and lose weight as a byproduct of doing the detox, it sets the stage for healthy weight loss with the adoption of a better diet and a more active lifestyle.

A detox cleans the slate if you will, and allows you to start fresh rather than swimming upstream by trying to be healthy while still having plenty of stored up toxins.

6. Trouble Sleeping

An excessive amount of toxins can keep you up at night, tossing and turning as your natural cycle is disrupted. Melatonin signals the body for sleep, but an excessively toxic body can reduce the amount of melatonin that is released, and cause a domino effect when it comes to getting natural, restful sleep.

When the body is persistently kept in an unnatural state, which is the case if you have too many toxins in the body, you may find yourself falling out of rhythm with nature. This will have you staying up late and waking up later than you need to, or feeling like you need more sleep than you actually do.
Try a detox before resorting to sleep aids, which will only prolong the problem.

A detox helps you by restoring your body to a more natural state. You can then be more apt to follow the patterns of the circadian rhythm, getting tired at appropriate times at night has to do with melatonin released by the body, and waking up with the tingling feeling of being refreshed and recharged.

7. Sexual Dysfunction

It’s funny to think that many of the prescriptions filled and products sold in relation to sexual problems could be solved with a detox program. But your sexual organs are the same as any other organ, and their proper function can be thrown off when there are too many toxins sucking out the creative life force of the body.

Many who complete a detox program report feeling a stronger sex drive, and a better performance than before they started the program.

If you’ve never done a detox and your sexual performance and desire has gradually waned, it may not be a sign of aging, but rather a sign that you need badly a detox.

If your reproductive organs aren’t getting the oxygen, the vitamins and minerals they need to do their job because the channels are clogged due to toxicity in the body, your physical performance will be affected and you may end up wrongly blaming yourself.

 8. Unexplained Headaches

The source of some headaches is easy to identify, either from a stressful day or being around a lot of noise. But if you suffer from regular headaches with no obvious cause it may be just the time for a detox. A headache is a pretty reliable way for your body to tell you that something isn’t right. It gets your attention and can bring your world to standstill if it’s bad enough. Rather than treat the symptom of pain, it’s best to see if your headaches are being caused by a toxic state. Before trying yet another pain reliever or worrying that you’ll have these headaches for the rest of your life, try a detox program to see if the problem is too many toxins. Just be warned, your headaches may worsen during the detoxification process, but when it’s complete they should be greatly reduced or even totally gone.

 9. Unexplained Soreness/Stiffness

If you wake up in the morning feeling sore and stiff even though you didn’t do anything strenuous the previous day your body may be telling you that it is time for a detox.When you have toxins in the body that need to come out you are more likely to suffer from inflammation, which is a way the body respond to intoxication.

If you’ve never done a detox to flush these toxins from the body, they build up over the years and can lead to premature and undue soreness and stiffness in the body.

A detox will clear toxins and reduce excessive inflammation, which in turn helps to soothe the body’s aches and pains.

 10. Skin Problems/Allergic Reactions

You may have noticed that your skin has been having issues, and nothing that you’ve tried has been able to fix it.

A topical treatment isn’t going to help if the cause of your skin problem is excessive toxicity in the body because the body uses the skin to expel its internal garbage.

So simply get to the root cause and follow a Full Body Cleanse program that will clear tremendously a large amount of internal toxicity and will relieve your skin from the real issue.

One thing to keep in mind is that a side effect of doing a detox is often rashes and other skin problems, especially if many toxins are being released. These will subside by the time the process has finished, and should not be confused as a worsening of your problem.

A detox works at the source of the problem, ridding the body of toxins that can lead to rashes, outbreaks, and allergic reactions on the skin, as well as sneezing, coughing, and asthmatic conditions.



“Bromelain is an effective treatment for allergies because it can prevent the inflammation that goes hand in hand with many of our allergic symptoms. Bromelain is a cysteine protease, which means it can be helpful when it comes to cell aging and cell death along with certain immune responses. Cysteine proteases play a role in bringing macrophages—the immune system cells that normally help fight infection—back into line when they are misprogrammed. Since allergies are caused by a haywire immune system response in which innocuous materials such as pet dander or tree pollen are seen as potentially harmful to the body, bromelain can be very helpful in setting the immune system straight at the cellular level and preventing those with allergies from having reactions when exposed to their triggers.

While bromelain is derived from pineapples, eating the fruit cannot provide an adequate amount of the enzyme to improve your allergies. Instead, a supplement should be taken daily. In order for bromelain to not be involved in digesting proteins in your food, but rather make its way into your bloodstream where it can combat allergies, it is best taken between meals on an empty stomach. And the recommended period of use is eight to 10 consecutive days or as needed.

* Note that since bromelain comes from pineapples, it is obviously not a good idea for anyone with an allergy to pineapples to use this supplement. Allergic reactions that may occur after taking bromelain include itchy skin, hives, nausea, cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, and even an anaphylactic response.”

– Beth Levine



In 35 years in the field of health I had never heard of any system coming from the Chinese Culture related to detox.

Of course as a QiGong Practitioner and TCM doctor I had heard of “BiGu” which is the equivalent of water or even dry fasting, but that was mainly applied by the daoist monks. It seemed completely counter-culture when I was addressing the Chinese people. Talking about not eating for a while always felt like I was inviting them to a suicide or for the least something that could be very harmful to their health. I was very surprised that such a deep culture, which gathered such a treasure of knowledge around health maintenance, wasn’t considering fasting since it had served my personal health so well. I was also wondering how people living under such polluted conditions could survive and even keep such a good level of health if we compare to the average worldwide statistics. It is only recently that their secret has been revealed to me and that I am happy to share with you here in this story.

Culturally Chinese are not so into raw foods. They eat mostly everything cooked as they adhere to the concept that this way they preserve what they call “the Spleen Fire”. The concept is based on the fact that the body has to maintain a very strict temperature and that by eating cold foods or drinks the spleen needs to heat it up which would be weakening the body’s energy level. With the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years I became very aware of how crucial enzymes were playing in health maintenance and longevity.

I understood that they were the spark plugs of life and that behind every metabolic, digestive and cleansing processes enzymes were the elements of the body chemistry making it possible. I also learned that the body had a certain amount of what we call “source enzymes” given at birth and that when exhausted it meant death. No matter how much nutrients, no matter the quality foods we were giving to the body if there was no enzyme left, life could not be maintained.



There are 3 main kinds of enzymes that exist: Metabolic, digestive and food enzymes. The metabolic enzymes are the ones behind every metabolic functions like chemical reactions, heart beating, lungs breathing, thinking, and muscles moving to name a few, and these cannot be supplemented. Then there are the digestive enzymes like proteases, lipases, amylases, cellulases, lactases etc. which are responsible for the breaking down of the food we eat so the nutrients can be absorbed. Every living things are enzyme-rich and that’s why they have the ability to self-consume themselves. A piece of cooked steak next to a raw one will remain on the counter for ever if it is preserved from animals and insects compared to the raw piece that will self-digest itself in no time because of the enzymes it contains. As soon as we cook a food we destroy it’s enzyme content and the body needs to produce digestive ones to do the job. And this picks in our source enzyme bank account. This explains why with aging the metabolic and digestive functions are often slowed down. The whole raw food theory lies on this understanding and even if the application is too hard for most people, the results are quite eloquent for those who managed to stick with it. A striking vibrant health is the result. But in fact it is not for everyone.

Let’s not forget that we need to consider that our modern lifestyle added some burden on our system. The human body in normal and natural conditions is a self-healing, self-renewing, self-cleansing organism, a stunning machine that has evolved and fine tuned over thousands of years. When the right conditions are created, a vibrant health and well-being is its natural state. But we have separated ourselves from the ways of nature and living under much less natural conditions nowadays. The toxicity of our planet and environment is undeniable.
The air we breathe, the water we drink and shower with, the foods we eat, the cosmetics we use and the buildings we live and work in, are loaded with toxic chemicals that alone or in combination cause diseases, much suffering and even death. When we remove these burdens and add what supports health, our bodies bounce back into radiant health as if by magic. This is natural, common-sense medicine, enabling the body to heal, regenerate and even rejuvenate itself, like it is designed and programmed to do. Under normal conditions, approximately eight hours after eating our last meal the processes of digestion, absorption, and assimilation are completed and the body enters into its detoxification mode, a function we often forget. With an enzyme intake these four processes are immensely speeded up. And that’s the whole point behind the Chinese detoxification system.

A healthy body fed with natural foods and living under clean conditions needs around four hours to cleanse and detoxify itself from all the waste products of our normal metabolic functions. Nowadays we need to consider the extra demands from toxic overloads linked to our modern life. It’s surely a good practice to fast every day for 12 hours after our last meal (intermittent fasting) to allow the body its recovery time but surely not enough under the conditions we live in presently. An intermittent fasting would be enough in a toxin-free world but that is not the case anymore, so it is wise to periodically get into a formal cleanse to go deeper and catch up with the accumulation of toxins and even wiser to boost this process on a daily basis. This is where detox programs, specific cleansing diets and daily supplementation come into play. There are many programs available today based on different systems and philosophies. Some are good, some dangerous and most of them are physically and emotionally challenging since they implement strict restrictions over more or less long periods of time.

This is where Chinese have caught me by surprise! All along my years living in China I was ravished to see how fermented food was made available everywhere where food were served and thought that was pretty much how they were balancing with enzyme-rich foods their mostly cooked diet. But I was wrong! I discovered that they had the most sophisticated and refined way to detox I have ever encountered and that it wasn’t a new thing but that it was deeply ingrained in the culture, they just weren’t loud about it as me as a Canadian I wouldn’t be praising to the world the virtues of potatoes.