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Accomplish in 1 day what could potentially take you three months of water fasting. This 1-day colon & intestinal cleanse addresses the whole length of the digestive tract. It is made of a wide selection of enzymes to complete the digestion of all undigested material that stuck to your intestinal wall and many types of vegan fibers to sweep it all out!

Made by all-natural organic vegetables and fruits, this enzyme cleanse product is specially designed for small intestine decluttering and colon cleansing. The product can clear the toxins from the intestinal wall, remove the waste and reactivate its movement.


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The FLFE System is designed to activate a consistent high-consciousness environment for us to thrive in. There are three main ways that we steward the FLFE high-consciousness environment:

1. Each of the FLFE Programs for the FLFE Service are written and refined until they each measure 999 or higher on the Hawkins Map. Measuring the level of consciousness of a document is an assessment of the truth of the document and the level of consciousness of the thoughts in the document.

2. Each of the FLFE Programs has this phrase: “Do this in such a way that it is in the Highest and Best interests of all of  Creation.” This may seem simple and it is a critical part of the programs. This safety valve negates thoughts in the programs if it is no longer in the highest and best interests of all of creation for those thoughts to be included in the program. This takes into account all factors.

3. Our technology is proprietary. We do not sell FLFE devices. We also keep strict control of our FLFE System and databases so that only we (the co-founders) have access to them. We have multiple redundancies in the event of a failure of any one piece of hardware.

We also have processes in place to ensure that properties are at the default starting LOC of 550 at the onset of the FLFE service and remain there or at the level specified by the subscriber through the Control Panel while on the service. We have a team checking the level of consciousness of all properties coming onto the FLFE service as well as checking all existing properties once a week.

We discovered that some properties can be affected by geopathic stress or certain consciousness-lowering EMFs. In order to achieve, or in some cases maintain, the starting LOC of 550 at the onset of the FLFE service or at the level specified by the subscriber through the Control Panel while on the service 98% of the time or better we test the LOC of all properties on the FLFE service once a week. If a new condition occurs we add enhancements to the FLFE service for all subscribers. A good example of this is the EMF Mitigation program.

We regularly test the FLFE service to improve upon its benefits for all of us. Our mission is to support the optimal environment for the evolution of consciousness.


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